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Who are FANUC

FAUNC have almost 60 years experience in developing computer numerical control equipment. We are the leading global manufacturer of factory automation with more than 19.5 million products installed worldwide.

Exceeding 2000 robots in our production lines, FANUC has the most automated production line in the industry.

In our sector, we are the only company who manufacture every single major component (hardware and software) in-house. This allows us to ensure superior functionality reliability and highest productivity.

Our Products


With over 100 models, we offer the widest range of industrial robots in the world. Our robots are very easy to use and provide complete flexibility due to application-specific options and simple integration.


Our CNC machines provide the best value controls with powerful functionality and high performance. We offer easy to install packages tailored to your specific needs, allowing for easy use and maximum quality guaranteed.


The new generation ROBODRILL vertical machining centre promises unrivalled quality and precision at great hourly rates. With an unbeatable tool change time of 0.7 seconds and a turret capable of handling tools weighing 4 kg, the new advanced versions are both the fastest and strongest 5-axis CNC machines on the market.


ROBOSHOT takes CNC precision technology and applies it to electric injection moulding. The results are greater acceleration, ultimate precision and extremely short cycle times to produce large quantities of consistently high-quality parts.


Our wire cutting machines produce incredibly long mean times between failures, low maintenance, longevity and excellent uptimes. ROBOCUT machines are designed to save time and drive down unit costs.

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Services FANUC UK Limited Provide

Customer Services

Lifetime Management

Unlike conventional service and support offerings, FANUC works on the premise that because every customer’s needs are different, FANUC Service and Support needs to adapt flexibly to meet your, sometimes, very specific needs.

Maintenance Services

Regardless of what you manufacture, ensuring your machines exhibit maximum reliability is essential to your bottom line. That is why having a maintenance strategy that is ideally suited to you and your own individual needs is essential.

Fanuc Academy

At the FANUC Academy we’re passionate about automation – and love nothing more than conveying that passion.

Spare parts

Outstanding quality and constant availability during the complete lifetime of your FANUC product make us a very reliable partner. To precisely meet your individual needs we offer an extensive range of parts solutions.

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  • 1983
  • £3,680,000

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