FANUC UK expands its M-20iD and ARC Mate 120iD series

By FANUC UK Limited
schedule25th Jun 19

FANUC UK has expanded its range of industrial robots by introducing two new models: the M-20iD/25 handling robot, and the ARC Mate 120iD welding version.

Controlled by the R-30iB Plus Controller, both robots are characterised by higher axis speeds and a large working area relative to previous models.

The M-20iD/25 is suited to handling tasks including loading/unloading machines and parts manipulation.

Due to its slim, lightweight design, combined with a compact arm and wrist, this provides maximum reach in crowded production environments.

Capable of lifting payloads of up to 25kg at a range of 1,831mm, the M-20iD/25 also boasts an IP67 protection rating ideal for applications under adverse environmental conditions, such as grinding or deburring.

The ARC Mate 120iD, in possession of a maximum payload and range identical to that of the M-20iD/25, has been designed for welding applications.

Due to the R-30iB Plus controller as standard in both robots, this helps to simplify the programming process through an easy-to-use interface.

Andy Armstrong, FANUC’s UK Sales and Marketing Manager, said: “The introduction of the M-20iD/25, alongside the ARC Mate 120iD, represents our determination to provide customers with a comprehensive range of robot solutions. Both robots are uniquely suited to operating in tight environments, able to reach closer to their own base than predecessor models with an active stroke range of 1,585mm.”