FANUC launches purpose-built academy at Ansty Park

By FANUC UK Limited
schedule1st Nov 17

FANUC, the global manufacturer of factory automation solutions, has launched a purpose-built training academy at its new 107,000 sq ft facility in Ansty Park, Coventry.

The academy, which is more than four times the size of FANUC’s previous facility at the Seven Stars Industrial Estate, includes more than £300,000-worth of brand new equipment, allowing students to receive practical training in a safe, controlled environment.

The academy features eight cells of new FANUC M-20 and M-10 robots, as well as a ROBOCUT (wire electro-discharge cutting), ROBODRILL (highspeed milling) and a ROBOSHOT (injection moulding).  The academy also includes two established robot models, which can be stripped down and rebuilt for maintenance training. 

Each machine is equipped with the latest touchscreen teach pendant and human-machine interface (HMI) technology.  The machines are smaller versions of the FANUC models on sale and operate at a teach speed, allowing students to work on them at their own pace.

The basic introductory course, which lasts for around five days, allows students to learn the fundamentals of machine operation, from basic safety protocol to programming and control.  The academy also offers advanced and maintenance courses, as well as bespoke programmes.  Applications are accepted from both experienced and first-time users of automated machinery.

The FANUC academy is one of several similar facilities at various locations around the world, helping customers to increase their productivity and minimise downtime by giving them the knowledge they need to work and maintain their machines without requiring the assistance of a FANUC engineer.

Anthony Bentham, Customer Service Manager at FANUC UK, said: “The FANUC training academy helps customers and staff to make the most of the machines they work with, be they a robot, a plastic injection moulding machine or an electric wire cutter. 

“With robots and automation becoming key tools for global manufacturing, it’s vital that the UK workforce is ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that this technological innovation represents.  As a global leader in factory automation solutions, FANUC is the perfect learning partner for anyone looking to develop their skills and knowledge, from established factory workers, to the next generation of engineers.”

To find out more about the FANUC academy, or to book your place, please call 02476 053001, or email [email protected].  Alternatively, please visit